Are you frustrated with the performance of your wireless router despite having a good internet package? Well, if your internet package is good and your ISP is providing you the speeds that it promised and you are still not getting the performance that you are looking for, then chances are that you need to optimize your WiFi router for maximum performance. Instead of changing your subscription plan, ISP, or router, you just need to optimize here. Below we have mentioned a few ways to optimize your WiFi router to enhance its performance.

Reboot Router

The first thing that you can do to optimize the performance of your router is to reboot it. Sometimes a thing as small as rebooting the router can make a huge difference by clearing any network issue and allowing the router to work in fresh condition.

Update Firmware

Firmware is the software or operating system that runs your wireless router. Most aspects and settings of your router are controlled by your firmware. By updating your firmware to the latest version, you can be certain that you have cleared your wireless router of any bugs or performance issues that it might have been facing and have enhanced its security and performance

Updating firmware is pretty simple, similar to how you update the operating system on your mobile phone. Just visit the router’s web interface through and look for the option to update it from there, or download the firmware from the manufacturer’s website and manually upload it to the web interface of the router. While updating the firmware, avoid interrupting the process.

Adjust the Antennae

The performance of your wireless router depends on multiple things including the router’s antennae. The antennae on your routers dictate the direction and strength of the wireless signal transmitted by your router. If the antennae is detachable or external, try moving the antennae and changing their position, so as to improve the strength and range of wireless coverage. For instance, you can point one set of antennae horizontally for better vertical coverage and one set of antennae vertically for better horizontal coverage.

Change the Channel

While most people are not familiar with this, changing the channel of your wireless router can affect the performance of your wireless router. Every wireless router broadcasts signals on a certain channel that is prone to interference by other devices and networks nearby which can weaken the signal or its strength, resulting in reduced performance. This can be avoided by using a channel that is less crowded so that your router can transmit signals without any interference.

Just like updating the firmware, you can change the channel through the admin interface and will need to use a tool like Wi-Fi Analyzer that will help you find the best channel in your area that is less crowded.

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Reposition Your Router

If you have done all these aforementioned things and are still facing problems with the performance of your router, then perhaps you need to reposition your router. The placement of your router can have a huge impact on its performance since it determines the signal strength and speed of the wireless signals. If your router is close to a similar electronic object or near a huge wall, the signal might be getting interfered with.

An easy solution to this is to simply reposition your wireless router. Find an open and central location where the router can transmit signals maximally without any obstruction or interference, instead of a corner or behind any piece of furniture. An open, elevated, and central location will ensure that the router is evenly transmitting signals in all directions.

Use A Wired Connection

Lastly, you can also use a wired connection to connect your device to the router for maximum performance. A wired connection is generally superior to a wireless connection because of minimal interference and loss of data, resulting in an uninterrupted and reliable internet connection. If you want the fastest connection possible on the network for bandwidth-intensive activities like gaming or streaming videos, consider using an ethernet cable to connect your device to the router.


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